Well I was in Nashville this week visiting with clients and trying to gain new business for my job in the Display Advertsing World, which I really enjoy, love, and I have the pleasure of working for a really great company.   I had some great meetings and opportunities with some new potential clients.  Nashville may be known for music, but there are MANY huge companies headquartered there.  Nissan's Corporate Headquarters, Tractor Supply and many restaurant chains are located there for example.  

In the evenings enjoyed several songwriter's rounds and made some new connections with some really great folks in the music biz.  It was The Commodore's Anniversary and many of today's phenomenal songwriters came out to show their support and gratitude to The Commodore for all they do for music.  So in other words... if you have a favorite song currently on Country Radio - well the songwriter was there playing it that night - pretty cool right.  Afterwards, they let people like me that are "Not-So-Famous" get up and play our original tunes.  It was a great night!  The next evening I had the opportunity to pitch one of my songs to a very successful publisher in town.  They didn't pick my song... we'll just chalk that one up to pitching the wrong song to that particular publisher.  But hey... it's all a learning experience for me to become a better singer/songwriter. They can't whoop me!  

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