News & Gossip... "Is This Thing On?"

"Crazy" - My New Single  

The song writing process is a wide variety of lyrics, chord progressions, key changes and so on...  then going back and recrafting that entire process.  Sometimes I'll think of a song title or a chorus, and put it in my phone notes to be completed later.  Sometimes they sit there in my phone for months and months, while other times just a few days.  Neither of these scenarios were the case when "Crazy" popped into my head one Saturday morning.  I was messing around on my guitar, playing some cover songs, playing some of my songs, and I then out of nowhere I just started singing what would become the chorus to "Crazy."  In less than an hour I had the entire song down on paper - Sometimes it just happens that way.  So please have a listen to my New Single "Crazy".  I hope you like it as much as I do.  Thanks for Listening.

"Modern Day Pirate" - A Song is Born  

A few Saturdays ago, I was trying to motivate myself to do a little cleaning around the house.  I was begining to straighten things up, when I started thinking about a really great buddy of mine.  He works very hard, but he is not a huge fan of his job - and therefore not a happy guy when he is at the office.  Lot's of complaining people, stress, and folks just not doing their jobs very well.  He "really" would love to walk down the hall one day and say, "The Hell With It All" and be gone!  

His dream in life... he'd love to be living on a sailboat cruising around the caribean, island to island without a care in the world. Sounds nice right? You're probably thinking, "Well hell... who wouldn't want to live that dream?"   Well you see, my buddy is not just all talk like some people. This dream of his is actually a goal he is planning, researching, saving up for, and hopes to accomplish in the near future.  

Insert my always churning brain here...  Songwriters almost have a sixth sense when it comes to finding, invisioning, and hearing a song idea when it plops right down in front of them out of nowhere.  Sometimes you can tell we're onto an idea because you'll see us just kind of fade off, eyes all glazed over, and we are in some far off song space, totally lost in a new tune.  So this is exactly what happened on a not so particularly special Saturday morning, which became very special after I wrote this song.

So please have a listen to this new tune "Modern Day Pirate" about my buddy, but in reality - it's about people following their dreams and making them come true.

Pick'n and a Grin'n 

I've been having a lot of fun continuing to write tunes for a new Cd, while still enjoying listening and performing songs from my "That's Country" Cd.  I've also really been having fun performing at singer/songwriter rounds all across the country, it's been great.  So keep an ear out, cause ya never know...  I might just show up and play right down the street from where you live!

NSAI "Top 40 Song Page" 

Great News!  Nashville Songwriters Association International (NSAI) chose my song "It Runs Through My Veins" to be showcased on their "Top 40 Song Page" from April thru June!  Please check out my tune, and click on the stars to place your vote, to propel my song to #1 on the page.  Please visit and click on the Top 40 page link.

What's Going On? 

I've been writing and playing like crazy lately, which of course is fantastic.  I'm just back from playing in my favorite place on the plant - Key West, where I had a four night gig... life doesnt' suck!  I also just played in my favorite musical city on the planet - Nashville at The Fiddle & Steel Guitar Bar, and The Commodore with Debi who is alway phenomenal.  I'll be back in Nashville this week, then on to Grapevine, Chattanooga, Northern Kentucky, and Cincinnati - then more to come... ya never know where I'll be play'n next.  So follow my tweets @davemay40 to find out where I'm playing next, or check out my Shows tab on this website.  If you'd like a FREE track download... shoot me a message and we'll see what we can do.  If you'd like to purchase one of my new Cd's "That's Country" e-mail me your info and I'll ship you out a Signed Cd.  Thanks for reading... and as always - Thanks For Listening!  Tell your friends and country radio about me!

Catching Up 

I "really" have to do a better job of keeping this blog updated - my apologies.  I've been extremely busy writing, recording, playing shows, and playing singer/songwriter rounds around the country as much as I can.  The new Cd "That's Country" has been out since July 1st and has received some nice reviews and downloads.  You can click my music page right here on my site to be taken to the iTunes website and my iTunes music page. Or you can just simply go to iTunes and search Dave May.  

I've still been writing pretty regularly, and have had what I would call some successes along the way. Nashville Songwriters Association International (NSAI) has now recommended five of my songs to their Pitch to Publisher luncheons, I've had one single song contract offer, an offer to have my catalog represented, and two songs placed on hold...  then back off hold LOL.  But hey...  to me these are successes!

I'm now traveling to Nashville about every five weeks or so, and the vibe in that city is just unbelievable.  Even if you are not a singer/songwriter - musician, and just love music... you can feel the vibe. 

Well that's it for now - thanks for reading, and I'll try to keep this updated much better, and as always...  I'll Keep, Keep'n On!

The Rumors Are Correct - New Album Soon To Be Released! 

Yep the rumors are correct...  my new album "That's Country" will be available on iTunes, CD Baby, Amazon, Google Music and all of your other favorite digital download sites by June 1st!  
My first album "Here I Am" was very raw from a songwriting, musical, and production standpoint. But I love those songs, as they are a huge part of my past that just had to be told.  My second album "Another Round" was much better in all three categories, and are a collection of some of my favorite songs. But my new album "That's Country" will by far be my best album yet.  I've really honed my craft of songwriting, I've added more elements to the music, and the production is substantially better as well.  I know when you hear it, you will "hear it" as well.

So keep in touch, and I'll be sure to let you know when "That's Country" hits the stores.  I may even have a Big Ole Cd Release Party to help celebrate!  Thanks again for your support, and for listening!

"Another Round" CDs ON ORDER! 

I Just ordered a bunch of my CDs "Another Round" to sell at gigs and retail locations!  ALL profits will go to The Relay For Life Cancer Organization.  We help this great charity out multiple time every year in an effort to raise money to help Kick Cancer's Ass!  This CD also has three bonus tracks I've just recently written.  So if you see me at a show - please come up and purchase a CD for some great music, and a "Really" great cause!  You can of course still buy them on I-Tunes, and a wide variety of other digital download locations.

They're Here!! New Albums "Here I Am" and "Another Round' 

"Finally"... I know some of you are saying just that.  Thanks to the many of you who "repeatedly" e-mailed, posted, and tweeted me asking, "When are you putting out an album?"  Well - wait no longer  - "They" are finally here.  Yes, not only one, but two albums are now up on your favorite digital music sites.  When I began listening to all of the tracks I had written, I quickly realized I had more songs than what would fit on one album.  So I said, "What the hell" and released two albums at the same time.  Believe it or not, I still have more tracks for an additional album - sometime down the road.  So check em out - download both albums, or download the tracks you like best.  Just click on my "Music" page, and it will link you to the sites for previewing and downloading. Thanks for hanging in there with me, and I appreciate your support!  

Nashville Trip - Songwriter Rounds and Other "Important" Info 

Nashville was a great time this trip as usual, and things are moving along pretty well.  I've gone from playing open mic nights, to now being asked to play in the Singer Songwriter Rounds - so that's a great accomplishment, and encouragement.  Nashville Songwriters Association International (NSAI) picked my track "Make Me Your Man" over 3000+ other songs as a standout, so I'm pretty proud about that too.  NashVegas Radio and Butterfly Radio have also put me on thier daily rotations, so yet again all good things and great progress.  

Playing at The Commodore was as always a great experience, with lots of great positive feedback regarding my songs.  I also played at Bobby's Idle Hour Songwriters Rounds on Music Row for the first time.  If you look up "dive bar" in the dictionary, I'm pretty sure you'll find a picture of Bobby's right next to the definition! Cash Only... Smokey...  and they're NOT going to pour you a Black N Tan there.  As a matter of fact, if you ordered a Black N Tan, Black N Blue, or a Blue Moon for that matter - I'm pretty sure you'd find yourself being thrown out on to the sidewalk LOL!  

In all seriousness though... Bobby's is a legendary "Joint" right on Music Row were they take their Songwriting, Guitar Pick'n, Beer, and Women "very" seriously, and you just never know "who" might stop by.  It's been known to see Tim McGraw or Kenny Chesney come in for a beer of two and listen to the songwriter rounds.   I didn't know anyone walking in the place, and got one of those classic - everyone turned their heads to eyeball the stranger who just walked in looks.  While I may have not known anyone going in...  I definitely made some new friends and knew everyone walking out!  They told me to come back anytime and hang out with them.  I'm sure I will the next time I'm in town.  See ya then "Toast!"