The Rumors Are Correct - New Album Soon To Be Released!

Yep the rumors are correct...  my new album "That's Country" will be available on iTunes, CD Baby, Amazon, Google Music and all of your other favorite digital download sites by June 1st!  
My first album "Here I Am" was very raw from a songwriting, musical, and production standpoint. But I love those songs, as they are a huge part of my past that just had to be told.  My second album "Another Round" was much better in all three categories, and are a collection of some of my favorite songs. But my new album "That's Country" will by far be my best album yet.  I've really honed my craft of songwriting, I've added more elements to the music, and the production is substantially better as well.  I know when you hear it, you will "hear it" as well.

So keep in touch, and I'll be sure to let you know when "That's Country" hits the stores.  I may even have a Big Ole Cd Release Party to help celebrate!  Thanks again for your support, and for listening!

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