Nashville Trip - Songwriter Rounds and Other "Important" Info

Nashville was a great time this trip as usual, and things are moving along pretty well.  I've gone from playing open mic nights, to now being asked to play in the Singer Songwriter Rounds - so that's a great accomplishment, and encouragement.  Nashville Songwriters Association International (NSAI) picked my track "Make Me Your Man" over 3000+ other songs as a standout, so I'm pretty proud about that too.  NashVegas Radio and Butterfly Radio have also put me on thier daily rotations, so yet again all good things and great progress.  

Playing at The Commodore was as always a great experience, with lots of great positive feedback regarding my songs.  I also played at Bobby's Idle Hour Songwriters Rounds on Music Row for the first time.  If you look up "dive bar" in the dictionary, I'm pretty sure you'll find a picture of Bobby's right next to the definition! Cash Only... Smokey...  and they're NOT going to pour you a Black N Tan there.  As a matter of fact, if you ordered a Black N Tan, Black N Blue, or a Blue Moon for that matter - I'm pretty sure you'd find yourself being thrown out on to the sidewalk LOL!  

In all seriousness though... Bobby's is a legendary "Joint" right on Music Row were they take their Songwriting, Guitar Pick'n, Beer, and Women "very" seriously, and you just never know "who" might stop by.  It's been known to see Tim McGraw or Kenny Chesney come in for a beer of two and listen to the songwriter rounds.   I didn't know anyone walking in the place, and got one of those classic - everyone turned their heads to eyeball the stranger who just walked in looks.  While I may have not known anyone going in...  I definitely made some new friends and knew everyone walking out!  They told me to come back anytime and hang out with them.  I'm sure I will the next time I'm in town.  See ya then "Toast!" 

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