"Modern Day Pirate" - A Song is Born 

A few Saturdays ago, I was trying to motivate myself to do a little cleaning around the house.  I was begining to straighten things up, when I started thinking about a really great buddy of mine.  He works very hard, but he is not a huge fan of his job - and therefore not a happy guy when he is at the office.  Lot's of complaining people, stress, and folks just not doing their jobs very well.  He "really" would love to walk down the hall one day and say, "The Hell With It All" and be gone!  

His dream in life... he'd love to be living on a sailboat cruising around the caribean, island to island without a care in the world. Sounds nice right? You're probably thinking, "Well hell... who wouldn't want to live that dream?"   Well you see, my buddy is not just all talk like some people. This dream of his is actually a goal he is planning, researching, saving up for, and hopes to accomplish in the near future.  

Insert my always churning brain here...  Songwriters almost have a sixth sense when it comes to finding, invisioning, and hearing a song idea when it plops right down in front of them out of nowhere.  Sometimes you can tell we're onto an idea because you'll see us just kind of fade off, eyes all glazed over, and we are in some far off song space, totally lost in a new tune.  So this is exactly what happened on a not so particularly special Saturday morning, which became very special after I wrote this song.

So please have a listen to this new tune "Modern Day Pirate" about my buddy, but in reality - it's about people following their dreams and making them come true.

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