"Crazy" - My New Single 

The song writing process is a wide variety of lyrics, chord progressions, key changes and so on...  then going back and recrafting that entire process.  Sometimes I'll think of a song title or a chorus, and put it in my phone notes to be completed later.  Sometimes they sit there in my phone for months and months, while other times just a few days.  Neither of these scenarios were the case when "Crazy" popped into my head one Saturday morning.  I was messing around on my guitar, playing some cover songs, playing some of my songs, and I then out of nowhere I just started singing what would become the chorus to "Crazy."  In less than an hour I had the entire song down on paper - Sometimes it just happens that way.  So please have a listen to my New Single "Crazy".  I hope you like it as much as I do.  Thanks for Listening.

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