Catching Up

I "really" have to do a better job of keeping this blog updated - my apologies.  I've been extremely busy writing, recording, playing shows, and playing singer/songwriter rounds around the country as much as I can.  The new Cd "That's Country" has been out since July 1st and has received some nice reviews and downloads.  You can click my music page right here on my site to be taken to the iTunes website and my iTunes music page. Or you can just simply go to iTunes and search Dave May.  

I've still been writing pretty regularly, and have had what I would call some successes along the way. Nashville Songwriters Association International (NSAI) has now recommended five of my songs to their Pitch to Publisher luncheons, I've had one single song contract offer, an offer to have my catalog represented, and two songs placed on hold...  then back off hold LOL.  But hey...  to me these are successes!

I'm now traveling to Nashville about every five weeks or so, and the vibe in that city is just unbelievable.  Even if you are not a singer/songwriter - musician, and just love music... you can feel the vibe. 

Well that's it for now - thanks for reading, and I'll try to keep this updated much better, and as always...  I'll Keep, Keep'n On!

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